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How to get to Sneakers Street from Causeway Bay

If fashion shopping for clothes and accessories is your interest then you'll be sure to visit Causeway Bay on Hong Kong island, which has a great range of sneaker shops as well. As one of the major commercial and shopping districts of Hong Kong there are a wide range of shopping and dining choices in CWB.  And with the presence of the Victoria Park, which is one of Hong Kong's green lungs, the impressive Central Library Building, and of course the Noon Day Gun it is a must see district.

A range of hotels in Causeway Bay mean that some visitors will be staying in the district, from the new Crown Plaza Causeway Bay to the venerable old Excelsior hotel, plus many smaller choices such as the Chaterhouse all offer comfortable accommodation.

CWB is also home to some unique shopping experiences which range from the up market to the bargain, and include some uniquely HK experiences.  Right next to the SOGO department store, the last hold out of the now mostly departed Japanese influence in the city, is the Island Beverly fashion mall which houses inside it's small and cramped floors a range of independent designers, with both uniquely HK styles as well as modern Asian influences from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Across the other side of the district and behind Times Square, which is a very modern mall offering high end brand shopping and major chains, is the wet market beside Canal Road where real Hong Kong food shopping is done.  While the experience can be a little overwhelming for the visitor at first it is a unique chance to see how people shop for home cooking.

Between these two extremes are two street markets which are great for accessories, ladies clothes and general trinkets.  One is the permanently market in Jardines' Crescent, a small road that runs parallel to Jardines' Bazaar. Don't be confused about the names, in this case the Bazaar is not the market! And then a temporary market that happens somewhat at random, but often on weekend afternoons, is in the Kai Chiu Road just one street away from Times Square, in the direction of SOGO.

And there are of course shoes shops in Causeway Bay also, but if you want to get to the centre of Hong Kong's sneaker shops then  you'll have to travel from Causeway Bay to Fa Yuen Street, and here is how.

Option 1 -Bus

There are direct buses which take you almost door-to-door. The best choice would be bus 112 operated by NWFB and CityBus.  Catch this fast modern bus anywhere in Causeway Bay. It stops outside the Hong Kong Central Library, opposite Victoria Park, then at Yee Woo Street just behind the Jardine's Cresent ladies shopping lane. Then again at Canal Road bus stop just behind Times Square.

Then it is just a few stops across Victoria Harbour by tunnel, then alight at the Dundas Street / Nathan Road bus stop.  Walk back a few meters to the crossing to cross the road then along Dundas Street for 3 turnings and you are in the Fa Yuen Sneakers Street.

Option 2 - MTR

Any time you need to cross the Victoria Harbour the MTR is a great option, as train tunnels don't get traffic jams stopping them up! Sadly the same cannot be said of road tunnels.

From Causeway Bay go into the MTR and take the Island Line towards the west as far as Admiralty MTR Station, there change to the Tuen Wan Line towards the north, then following the instructions as above for MTR.

Option 3 - Tram and Ferry

Make the trip part of the experience of Hong Kong by including two unique experiences that only Hong Kong can provide. The "ding ding" or Electric Trams that run along Hong Kong island, and then the cross-harbour ferry ride on the Star Ferry which is the best value sea cruise to be had anywhere in the world!

  1. Catch a tram anywhere on Hennessy Road travelling West
  2. Trams will be signboards for Western Market or Kennedy Town, either will do
  3. Watch the world go by as the tram slowly but surely travels through Wanchai and Admiralty into Central
  4. When you arrive in Central get off the tram, preferably right outside World Wide House.
  5. Take the stairs up to the walkway and follow signs towards Star Ferry, it is another 5 minutes walk with great views of the city
  6. The walkway takes you directly into the upper level of Pier 8, the Star Ferry pier.
  7. Board a ferry and enjoy your 5 to 10 minutes of Harbour Cruise for only HK$2.40 !
  8. Alight on Tsim Sha Tsui side and then follow the TST instructions below

Other directions:


Sneakers Street Hong Kong
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