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How to get to Sneakers Street fromMongkok MTR

The Mongkok MTR Station, signed by the MTR company as "Mong Kok" in two words, is a major station on the Tsuen Wan line and one part of the best routes to get to Sneaker Street.  The station itself is very busy as it is not only located in a major residential and commercial district, but is also an interchange with the Kwun Tong line towards the eastern part of Kowloon.

Locals and tourists alike use the MTR to visit Mongkok for their shopping and dining, whether it be high end brands in the Langham Mall, or discounts from the Ladies Market. Traditional shops of Shanghai Street or the trendy new boutiques of Argyle Centre.

Mongkok MTR station is always bustling, and when you leave the station there are several different choices, all of which come out onto roads which are themselves busy and similar. So take care when going to Sneaker Street via MTR, to use the right exit and not get lost in the maze like grid of streets.

The station has 14 different exits, either onto street level or into various buildings. Only one of these is accessible, and most do not even have escalators all the way to the top.  Although exit D2 is the closest most people prefer to use the E2 exit as it is easier to walk from there, while B3 has the advantage of taking you in at one end of the Sneaker Street so you can then walk all along in one pass.

Here are the main options:

Option 1 - D2

Exiting onto Argyle Street facing south this is an easy choice.

  1. When you exit the station at ground level immediately cross the road in front of you.
  2. This is Sai Yeung Choi Street, then continue straight forward for another block.
  3. Go past Tung Choi Street and walk for one more block
  4. At the next turning signposts say Fa Yuen Street.
  5. This is near the middle of Sneaker Street and you can turn left or right into the street itself to see the shoe shops.

Option 2 - E2

This exit onto Nelson Street is particularly straight forward, and is often very busy. The station exit itself comes out onto a small piece of pedestrian street, but immediately you have to cross roads.

  1. Leave the station by exit E2, which is signposted in the station as "Bank Centre"
  2. After the last flight of steps to ground level, and the few steps down to the pavement, walk forward, taking care of traffic from the sides
  3. The first road you cross is Sai Yueng Choice Street, or Watercress Street
  4. Following this is another block and then Tung Choi Street, this is the Ladies Market and worth looking at when you have finished your shoe shopping.
  5. One more block and you are near the middle of Fa Yuen Street.

Option 3 - B3

Using Exit B3 allows you to walk through some of the other interesting parts of Fa Yuen Street before hitting the shoe shops.

  1. Exit the station via Exit B3
  2. At street level go directly forward and immediately up up the escalator to the overhead green concrete pedestrian walk way.
  3. Turn right at the top of the escalator
  4. Walk east along the walkway, above Mongkok Road
  5. Take the second turning on the right, but before you do look left for a great overhead view of the market stalls
  6. Go down the escalator into Fa Yuen Street
  7. At the junction with the main road Argyle Street, turn left to reach a crossing, then back-track on Argyle to continue onto Fa Yuen Street
  8. This is the northern end of the stretch of Sneakers Street


Option 4 - A1

Choose this option if you have limited mobility and need access for wheelchairs.

  1. If you select this exit then there is a lift all the way to the street level. The lift comes out in an alley just on Nathan Road.
  2. Go down the slope from the lift and turn left to face Nathan Road.
  3. Turn left on Nathan Road and go along a half block to the pedestrian crossing.
  4. Cross the road here and turn right with the Trade and Industries Department building on your left.
  5. Walk along Nathan Road until the crossing with Argyle Street, cross the road and then turn left into Argyle.
  6. Go along Argyle Street for three blocks until it meets Fa Yuen Street
  7. Turn right to Sports Shoe Street!
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