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How to get to Sneakers Street from Apliu Street

The Apliu Street Flea Market is one of the oldest street markets in Hong Kong, and has developed and kept up with the times over the years. Originally a place where second hand and rejected equipment was sold, there were hifi sets, radios, record players, and tools on sale.

As it attracted more people interested in tools and electronics it has morphed into its current form, where it is the go-to place for electrical hobby equipment, with second hand items still present but no longer the majority.

Various products that appeal to the same customers are also in evidence of course, and photographic equipment and electronic measuring tools jostle with phone cases, chargers and lots and lots of LED lighting equipment.

But there are many specialist shops here as well, if you need to buy a ducted electric fan to cool some equipment, or a high power metallic magnet in any conceivable size or shape, then Apliu Street is the right place for you.

In the early days of the personal computer, when they were called that rather than "PCs", they of course were sold here. But they soon found a dedicated home in the nearby Golden Shopping Centre, which today is still a major computer and electronics mall.

Located in the nearby district of Sham Shui Po the Apliu Street Flea Market is actually within walking distance to Sneaker Street, but while the walk is an interesting one it is somewhat confusing and not at all recommended after dark for non-locals.

After exploring Sham Shui move on to Sneaker Street, which being in Mongkok is more suitable for exploring in the evening. There are several options but we suggest walking, during the daytime, and taking the MTR at any time. Busses also ply this route but are not the first choice.

Option 1 - MTR

Near one end of the market, in Kwelin Street, is the entrance to the Sham Shui Po MTR station. This is exit C2 which you may have used to reach the flea market in the first place, and is right across from the public toilets.

  1. Enter the MTR at Sham Shi Po MTR Exit C2
  2. Take the escalator down to the concourse, beep through and go down to the platform
  3. Board a train on the Tsuen Wan line towards Central
  4. Go past Prince Edward station
  5. Alight at Mongkok Station
  6. Follow the steps for reaching Sneaker Street from Monkok MTR

This is a fast, efficient, cheap and safe way to make the tirp. But of course it doesn't show anything about the city, nor allow the visitor to stop and enjoy interesting things along the way.

Option 2 - Walk

Walking from Apliu Street to Fa Yuen Street takes about 20 minutes if done directly, but there are so many interesting things to see along the way, from little shops and historic buildings to Flower Market Road and the Bird Garden, that several hours can be taken by this trip.

  1. Walk to the southern end of Apliu Street, where it stops at the Maple Street Playground, which is a hard basketball court
  2. Turn left onto Wong Chuk Street, with the playground on  your right
  3. Walk to the end of the playground, where the road meets the main road
  4. This is Cheung Sha Wan Road, well known for the wholesale garment outlets, a few of which are passed on this walk
  5. Turn right onto Cheung Sha Wan Road and continue on, with the playground still on your right.
  6. After the playground the a few garment shops are located, continue on the road.
  7. Go straight on as the road ends it bares slightly right and becomes Nathan Road.
  8. Continue on Nathan Road for 800 meters until the junking with Agyle Street
  9. Cross Argyle and the crossing and turn left into Argyle.
  10. Walk three blocks and Fa Yuen Street is on the right

This is the northern end of the Sneaker Street

Option 3 - Bus

Walk along any of the side roads as far as Cheung Sha Wan Road, and then get any south board bus.

Many buses run along this route, but consider taking the 6F or the route 2.

Get off at the Soy Street stop, and then walk along Soy Street from Nathan Road for three blocks, until it meets Fa Yuen Street.

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