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Shoes shoes and more shoes. The Sneaker Street in the heart of Kowloon has more varieties and options to buy athletic footwear than any other place in the world. Concentrated in a tiny stretch of road are shops selling Jordon shoes, but also things like Keds and Isabel Marant. But the focus is on Skechers, sneakers, trainers and basketball shoes. You'll also find options for golf and other sports footwear.

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Conveniently placed in Mongkok, one of the major shopping districts of Kowloon, the Sneaker Street of Fa Yuen Street is easy to reach from anywhere in the region. Walking distance from many hotels on Nathan Road it is also easily approachable via public transport with bus and underground railway stations just meters away.
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Shopping AND browsing

For many visitors it isn't just selecting, trying on and buying sports shoes, it's also just the amazing variety to be browsed. Find here sneakers you may have read about but never seen, or new or obscure styles that are a surprise to you. Shopkeepers here are vary knowledgeable about all the latest styles and will happily guide you to the more interesting options.

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